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Repurposing: How to take what you know and
sell it in 19 different ways

This teleclass is guaranteed to open your eyes to the lucrative information you have right under your nose.

I'll be showing you all the different ways you could be selling your knowledge for fun and profit.

You Will Learn:

=> 4 different ways to do e-courses . . . plus the modern way to make sure people that missed part of the class don't drive you crazy with emails and phone calls.

=> A unique video format that has made me millions . . . take a half day to learn this and profit for a long time to come.

=> How to make combo / hybrid products that mix and match your stuff into multiple products . . . this can mean high profits with little additional work.

=> How to tap lucrative foreign markets . . . more and more people are ordering on the web and they don't all speak English.

=> 3 Ways to license your material . . . work once and get paid, paid, paid, paid and paid some more.

=> How to start a school . . . I'm doing this right now . . . if you can stand the paperwork, you can make a fortune doing this.

=> To structure a "co-author" deal . . . . Other professionals pay you to be part of your training course.

=> To put ebooks in lots of popular formats . . . digital products can be lucrative if you know how to do them right.

=> The advantages of teaching your own CEU Seminars . . . profit margins are higher when people must get your information.

=> How to turn your knowledge into a TV show . . . you don't have to be a Hollywood mogul anymore to get airtime on the tube or on the web.

And like all Tom Antion seminars. . . you'll get much, much more.

42 pages $29.95

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