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Tom Antion's Publicity Training Package
All the Tools Needed to Become Your Own Publicist

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Quick Description:

This is Tom Antion's collection of products that will help you become your own publicist.  Tom has had many years of publicity training from some of the best publicists in the world.  Many of these products contain interviews with these publicists. There is no need to hire an over-priced publicist when you can do everything yourself.  These products will show you how to get free or really cheap publicity to get yourself and your products out to thousands of people

Here is what you get:
  • 1 E-Book - 306 Page on "How to be a Kick-Butt Publicity Hound" - ($97 value)

  • 2 CDs - "How to Make up to $2,000 a Minute on the Radio" with guest Alex Carroll -
     ($39.95 value)

  • 2 CDs - "Get Massive Amount of Free Publicity for Less Than the Price of Lunch" with guest Paul Hartunian - ($39.95 value)

  • 1 CD - "Kick Start Your Media Marketing - How to Get Speaking Clients to Call You" - ($29.95 value)

  • 1 CD - "Kick Up a Media Storm: How to Get Free or Really Cheap Publicity" with guest Joan Stewart - ($29.95 value)

  • 1 CD -" Kick Through Your Database:  How to Sell Products & Services on the Radio" with guest Joe Sabah - ($29.95 value)

  • 1 CD - "Kick the Ears off Your Audience: How to be Great on the Radio" with guest Joel Roberts - ($29.95 value)

  • BONUS - 1 Thirty Minute Phone Consultations 1 on 1 with Tom Antion -
    ($500 value)

  • BONUS 2 - $1000 Coupon

About Tom Antion:

If you are active in the speaking and internet marketing world, or just getting started, you have heard of Tom Antion. If you haven't, just type his name into any major search engine like Google, and you can sit there for months reading the 70,000+ pages about him and his successful career as a well-known professional speaker and Internet marketing mentor. Tom has recently released a book titled "The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Business".  This book has hit #2 right behind Harry Potter at Barnes and Noble's Bestseller list.  It has also held a #1 spot in all business categories at BN and Amazon.


Plus: Tom got a $100,000.00 spokes person contract from just one tiny media hit in a Florida newspaper. This package contains the exact details on how you could do the same thing.

Description of the package.

1 E-Book - How to be a Kick-Butt Publicity Hound

Media consultant Joan Stewart and Media magnet Tom Antion have really done it this time. In this brand new breakthrough E-book they have revealed all the little known secrets of generating millions of dollars of free publicity that can propel you and your business to superstardom.

Imagine yourself as the guest on a national news show. You’re being asked for your expert opinion with millions of people watching. Or maybe your story or article just got published in a publication with 3 million circulation. Your phone starts to ring, and ring and ring. This kind of success is not hard to achieve if you know the insider tricks of the trade. 

When you are "exposed" in the media--whether it be radio, TV, or print--your credibility skyrockets. When people are considering hiring you or buying your products their minds are saying, "He MUST be good if he was on TV" or "Her products MUST be valuable if they were featured in the newspaper."

As a newspaper editor for 22 years Joan Stewart has seen every kind of news pitch imaginable . . . from a simple press release to an elaborate balloon popping waste of money. . . . In this time-tested tip collection she shows you just what you have to do (with the smallest possible budget) to catch the attention of the media of your choice and create a situation where they can’t help but cover your story.

Tom Antion is a hard-core media personality. He has been on every major broadcast network in the world. Even The Tokyo Today Show had Tom as a guest. He’s had repeat feature articles in all kinds of national publications including four in the Washington Post. Most recently, MSNBC featured Tom commenting on President Bush and Inc. Magazine picked one of Tom’s websites as "Best-of-the-Web. When Tom wants coverage he gets it. In fact, he has backed off his media blitz because he can’t keep up with the workload it generates. All his get-on-the-air tips are exposed in this giant 300-page reference manual.


You’ll get:

  • A complete "how to use this book" section. You won’t have to fumble around learning how to use an e-book.

  • The tools you need to start your publicity campaign.

  •  Advice from editors and news directors on how to catch their attention.

  •  Locations of the best books, tapes, special reports and other resources to help you.

  • The inside scoop on being a guest on radio talk shows all over the country without leaving your home or office.

  • Enticing story angles that catch the media’s attention.

  • The right and wrong ways to pitch your ideas to media people

  • The dos and don’ts of forming strong relationships with the media

  • Preparation techniques for interviews with reporters

  • Tips for tying public speaking and free publicity together

  • Proven advice for writing articles for other publications

  • Instructions on building an online media room

  • Secrets for recycling your publicity

 . . . and LOTS more.

You’ll learn:

  • To define your media goals. Tom wasted lots of his early media exposure because he didn’t have this key issue down. You won’t make the same mistakes. . . . A 9 step plan will lead you to paydirt

  •  A 17 Step plan to help you find out who wants to hear from you. . . .  there’s no sense pitching to the wrong people.

  • How to create a media database . . . quick access to the right people means you can strike when the media is primed for your story.

  • How to tie your product or service into hot news topics so you can get "on the air" NOW . . . in many cases you’ll be on the same day you pitch the idea

  • 22 Ways to develop story ideas about your business. . . . If you can’t find an idea here you may as well close your doors.

  • The 4 main ways to pitch a story. . . . This is not rocket science. Anybody with no budget and no experience can do it.

  • How to write a 4 paragraph pitch letter . . . we tell you what to write. You just plug in your info.

  • 4 Ways to form great relationships with reporters

  • 12 Magic Phrases to Use with the Media.  . . . You’ll know the things to say that are music to the ears of a journalist.

  •  4 things that will get you on the Media’s number one enemy list. . . .  Do any one of these things and you may as well turn yourself in to the FBI.

The basic news release is the standard by which the media operates . . . botch this up and you have little chance of consistent success. . . do it right and the media world is yours.

Included in this E-book are:

  • Joan’s famous 89 reasons to send a news release.

  • How to write a news release

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of News Releases

  • Sample news release

  •  7 BONEHEAD mistakes that will send your release hurtling toward the garbage can.

  • 5 Other websites to help you make your news release news worthy

  • 22 Links to the hottest media directories that exist today so you’ll know where to send your release.

  • Lots of Tom's tips for getting in the media and being great when you get there.


2 CDs - How to Make up to $2,000 a Minute on the Radio with guest Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll is the publisher of the Radio Publicity Master Course.  Alex did about 75 radio interviews in 2.5 weeks. Tom Antion interviews Alex Carroll to bring you the latest tips and techniques on radio interviews.

Bestselling author Alex Carroll is one of the world’s leading experts on radio publicity.

The numbers speak for themselves:
He has done more than ONE THOUSAND radio interviews (1,246 to be exact), captured well over $4,500,000.00 in free radio airtime, and generated more than $1,350,000.00 in orders directly from listeners … all without spending a DIME on advertising and rarely leaving the comfort of his own home. 

Numerous major radio hosts have lauded him as the most popular guest in their history. Some have cancelled Hollywood Celebrities just to make room for him. Dozens have had him back on their shows again & again.

Alex will show you exactly how to extract a mother lode from the radio publicity gold mine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling books, products, services, seminars, newsletters, a website, a cause, or a campaign … YOU TOO CAN GENERATE A FORTUNE in radio publicity.

Alex will share secrets like:

  •  How he makes as much as TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A MINUTE on the radio

  • 3 keys to landing interviews on the Super Stations (ones with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS and EVEN MILLIONS of listeners) while avoiding the little ones

  • How to get booked as a guest . . . even if your topic is boring

  • 7 reasons why radio publicity is better than TV, hands down

  • 4 ways to get radio interviews and why only one of them is truly effective

  • Why a station’s wattage and market rankings are TOTALLY MEANINGLESS

  • Getting credentials to get you on the air, . . . even if you’re a nobody

  • How to create a press kit that will make producers BEG to have you as a guest on their show

  • How to get the radio station’s receptionist to work for you, . . . FOR FREE

  • A virtually unknown radio industry publication where radio hosts recommend good guests to other hosts, and how to get listed. HINT: IT CANNOT BE BOUGHT

  • 3 secrets to getting invited back as a repeat guest … over and over again. VIRTUALLY NOBODY DOES THIS

  • A foolproof technique for JAMMING the radio station’s phone lines and why they love it so much

  • The 2 best days of the week to do interviews and why

  • A simple gimmick that costs LESS THAN A NICKEL, that can TRIPLE your response rate OVERNIGHT

  • Why "Public Affairs" shows are usually A WASTE OF TIME

  • The ONE SECRET that will get you more radio interviews than ANYTHING ELSE. . . . It’s SO SIMPLE and yet SO FEW people do it.

  •  How to use OTHER PEOPLES PUBLICITY to get YOU booked as the guest

  • A very simple trick to get the host to ask you the questions you want to talk about. It works MORE THAN 95% of the time.

  • A clever way to get the radio host to keep promoting you, WEEKS AFTER YOU’RE GONE

  • The secret to getting your interview scheduled in a PRIME DRIVETIME slot

  • Two reasons why taped interviews should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS

  • The ONLY 2 answers to give when a producer asks if you’ve been interviewed on other stations in their market

  • The one thing that hosts want from their guests MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. It’s not what you might think

  • Three subtle, BUT ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL keys that send listeners SCRAMBLING FOR THEIR PHONES at the end of your interview

  • How to get huge amounts of PERMANENT FREE ADVERTISING on a radio station’s website

2 CDs - Get Massive Amount of Free Publicity for Less Than the Price of Lunch with guest Paul Hartunian
Famous publicity entrepreneur Paul Hartunian (the man who sold the Brooklyn Bridge) bares all with the easy system he has to have reporters beating down your door. (120 minutes). The "Publicity for less than the Price of Lunch" CD is about contacting the media and providing them what they want. When media gets what they want, then they will allow you to sell your stuff on their shows.

1 CD - Kick Start Your Media Marketing - How to Get Speaking Clients to Call You
When speaking clients call you, the entire dynamic of the call is in your favor. Instead of you calling unqualified clients and trying to talk them in to hiring you, qualified clients call you and ask, "Are you available."
Tom does NO COLD CALLING and stays as busy as he wants speaking. Find out the simple (and cheap) strategies he uses to keep his name in the public eye and how you can do it too.

You will discover:

  • 14 Different ways to get clients to call you. . . .No more 99 rejections to get one person to talk to you.

  • 3 Ways to reach thousands of journalists (who need to talk to you) for only pennies. . . .You don't have to pay big money to get on and stay on the talk show circuit.

  • The best websites to use to kick start your publicity campaign . . . You can learn advanced media techniques quickly right from your desktop . . . PLUS . . . many of the sites will publicize you.

  • 9 resources Tom uses to make sure he is "great" on the air. . . You don't want to blow it when your chance comes . . . You'll get a quick list of kickin reference materials.

  • 3 ways you control your image . . . You can't control ALL of what is said about you, but you can control quite a bit . . . . mold your status the way YOU want to.

  • AND Like all the "Wake em Up Kick Series TeleSeminars" you will get much, much, more!!!

1 CD - Kick Up a Media Storm: How to Get Free or Really Cheap Publicity with guest Joan Stewart
You don't have to pay for publicity. There are plenty of places begging for your story. Do you know where they are and how to approach them? Joan Stewart does. After 20 years as an editor of three daily newspapers and a weekly business paper, Joan has heard thousands of pitches from people who want to get their story in print. Find out what works and what doesn't in this power packed idea hour with Joan Stewart.


  • How to identify stories about YOU that the media will LOVE.

  • The 3 Biggest Myths about Publicity that will hurt your success.

  • Secrets to Schmoozing with Reporters. . . . Open their ears to YOUR story.

  • Back Door Ways to Snag Publicity. . . . There's more than one way to skin an article.

  • The One Item in Your Media Kit that MUST be Jazzy. . . . Skimp here and your wasting your time and money.

  • Joan's Favorite Publicity Resources. . . . Find the best places to grab FREE pieces of the Media Pie.

  • The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Attract Reporters and News Directors: . . . Do this and you'll have them begging for more of YOU.

1 CD - Kick Through Your Database:  How to Sell Products & Services on the Radio with guest Joe Sabah

Tom has personally used Joe Sabah's system and database to book hundreds of radio interviews. But more than that, he has used the specific sales techniques Joe teaches  to turn interviews into bottom line SALES. 

Joe has sold nearly $400,000.00 dollars worth of books on the radio . . . all from home . . . and most while lounging around in his bathrobe. After moving 23,000 plus books AT FULL RETAIL, Joe has learned the secrets of big sales doing radio interviews. He shares them with you on this highly technique-oriented tape.


  • The bottom line results you can achieve from doing talk radio interviews.

  • What infrastructure you need to develop BEFORE going on the air.

  • The 3 most important steps you can take to get booked on radio talk shows.

  • How to prepare for your radio appearance once you have been booked.

  • The top tips on getting the most revenue out of your interview.

  • How to handle giving out your telephone number.

  • 2 absolutely best ways to get booked on radio shows.

  • 1 color that your promotional literature must have for a high response.

  • How one man went from zero sales per show to $1000.00 in sales per show just using one of Joe's techniques.

  • How another man used Joe's database to book 65 talk shows in ten days

1 CD - Kick the Ears off Your Audience: How to be Great on the Radio with guest Joel Roberts

Tom had done hundreds of radio shows all around the world and was considered a "hot guest" on talk show host websites BEFORE he met Joel Roberts.  . . . Joel spent three minutes working on Tom's first 90 seconds and taught Tom a technique that tripled his audience. Tom says, "This man is a genius. I've seen him create media hooks for different people on different topics  . . .on the fly  . . . . . repeatedly for two days straight."

Don't miss this absolutely incredible hour with a man who has done over 5000 hours of talk radio in the number one radio market in the world!


  • The critical difference between your message on the air and . . . your hook needed to get on the air.

  • What the great guests know about audience demographics. . . . your comments will exactly match the things the audience can relate to and the host will keep you on the show longer.

  • The balance needed to make you one of the talk show guest elite. . . . talking with a host is like a tennis match with the talk going back and forth like a ball. . . If you run on and on without including the host, you probably won't be invited back.

  • How to get your message across in 30 seconds or less. . . . this one tip will make you a media darling.

  • Mistakes that will get you cut off the air in a "Prime Time Minute." . . . when a ratings point is worth one million dollars the host is not going to keep you on if you stink.

  • Exactly what the radio medium wants and exactly how to give it to them. . . . They can make you rich, so you must cater to their needs while fulfilling your own agenda.

  • How to tie your topic to a current event so that it's always HOT. . . This technique could get you on the radio any time you feel like it.

Act fast and get the following two bonuses:

BONUS 1 !! - You will get a Thirty Minute 1 on 1 Phone Consultation Coupon with me!  This is an incredible bonus as I charge $500 for a half-hour of consulting.  Now you have to be smart about this and take its full advantage.  I wouldn't recommend calling me before going through all these training products..  It would be a waste of your valuable time.  Whenever you're ready, just call my office 757-431-1366 to schedule your free consultation!

BONUS 2 !!! - You get a $1,000 coupon good for my exclusive Joint Venture / Mentor program. This program is only for those who are EXTREMELY SERIOUS. 


So what is it going to cost me to learn how to get millions of dollars of free publicity? Not very much . . . I can tell you that. You're going to get over 100 years of our experience in getting publicity, so being the nice and trustworthy guy that I am, I suggest you just give me your credit card and I'll give it back to you when I'm done with it hahahaha . . . No, really. I don't have a tremendous amount of hard costs in delivering this information to you so I'm going to let it go for only $397.00 if you order right away. This is the first time this package has been released on my website and I'm planning on raising the price monthly till I can't sell anymore and then I'll back off $50.00 and that will be the final price.



If you know me, you know that I rarely give 100% no questions asked moneyback guarantees. I'm at a point in my life that I don't like dealing with do nothing, rip off customers who want to waste my time, shipping stuff back and forth so they can steal my knowledge and then do nothing with it. So here is a "conditional" guarantee. If you listen to all the CDs, read the ebook, and earnestly try at least three of the techniques (there are hundreds of techniques in this system and if you try to tell me you know them all  . . .  well, basically you're full of it) Then I'll give you your money back, less the shipping.


Hey, if you know everything in this system, you don't need to buy it and it will save us both lots of trouble and bad blood. Also, why would you buy it if you aren't going to use the techniques? Are you just doing research about what other successful people do?


Maybe you want to hear my philosophy on this and maybe you don't, but here it is. I've spent countless thousands of dollars paying for my training and I virtually never return anything unless it's obviously a ripoff. I've learned something from every information product I ever bought. I put the idea into action and that's how I got where I am today. . . . Not by buying something with the idea of returning it after I stole the knowledge.


So, if you're serious, get busy and study this material and put it into action so you can gain millions of dollars in free publicity for you and your business. Click here to get the "Publicity Hound Ebook immediately and we'll ship the CDs and bonuses right away.