Rave Reviews and Testimonials for
Tom Antion & Associates

Tom has been to over 87 industries and has numerous testimonials on file. Many are scattered throughout the site. Here are some others:

Tom is one of the top producers at our MEGA seminar series. After Tom speaks we regularly see people writing in evaluation scores which are higher than our scale of 1-10.
Mark Victor Hansen, Author "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "One Minute Millionaire", Producer "MEGA Seminars"

"Everyone I talked to was impressed with the amount of information you had that was specific to our industry. You must have done a ton of work beforehand to be that knowledgeable about your audience."
Carol Memberg, Executive Director
Pennsylvania Drycleaners & Launderers Association

"We are forever in your debt. You made our Technical Symposium more than anyone expected it would be. I can't believe how much you knew about us . . . and on such short notice."
Pat Zanuzoski, Communication Manager
American Society of Plumbing Engineers

"I simply cannot believe how far you exceeded our expectations. This was a perfect ending to a great conference."
Jack DeVany, Vice President
Horizon Health Corporation

"Tom has a way of explaining information so the audience understands."
Gwen Woodard, Salary Administrator
Bell Atlantic

"You are the only speaker we ever had that could speak our language."
Roberta Chesney, President
National Association of Service Dealers

"Your endless enthusiasm, perfect choice of words, and obvious compassion made the night an event."
Mary Blankemeier, Director
Home of the Brave Foundation

"You made your speech unique to our group. Your humor was great, and every attendee was able to identify with something you mentioned."
Karen Battle, Christine King, Mara Bohlman, Myrtha Joseph, Rita Post, Jeff Hurdle
GEICO Corporation Secretaries' Day Committee

"I think they liked you (haha), since the room was set for 420 and it was standing room only throughout your presentation."
Gail McHardy, Meeting Planner
Canadian Real Estate Association

"I thought there was going to be a riot if we didn't let the extra 200 people in to see you. Thanks for doing the second session."
Keith (I think) the door monitor
Creative Training Techniques Conference

"Your spirited, enthusiastic opening to our 50th Anniversary Worldwide conference set the stage for the rest of the seminar. It was obvious you went to great lengths to learn our business and speak our language."
Ronald T. Sconyers, Brigadier General
Director of Public Affairs, United States Air Force

Many more testimonials on file.




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