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  1. Do you customize?
  2. How long are your presentations?
  3. How can you effectively address so many different types of groups?
  4. How can we get extra value by engaging you?
  5. Is your work guaranteed?
  6. What is your business background?
  7. Do you have a sports background?
  8. What can we expect from your demo materials?
  9. How do you handle expenses?
  10. What kind of humor do you use?
  11. How do you handle banquet/luncheon settings?
  12. Any special services for disabled attendees?
  13. How do you handle the business details?
  14. Do you really give us FREE books?
  15. What do you need from us?

Do you customize?

I sure do! I know many speakers say they customize, but to them that means they sprinkle in the name of your organization and charge you extra to pronounce it right. Here's how I do it: 1) I do a
computer search of your industry, your company and your competition; 2) When possible, I do phone interviews with audience members (sometimes I incorporate their quotes into color visuals and/or handout materials); 3) I review your trade publications; 4) I "secret shop" your retail establishments,
if appropriate; 5) You get handout materials that reflect the theme of your meeting; and 6) Titles and subjects are customized to your event.

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How long are your presentations?

My presentation will be designed to fit your available time from 30 minutes to two days. I am also experienced and flexible enough to adapt when my segment needs to be cut or expanded unexpectedly. I will do whatever I can to accommodate your needs.

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How can you effectively address so many different
types of groups?

The fact that I've addressed a wide range of audiences (more than 87 different industries) is a big part of my value to your organization. Every group is different, but I have found that we face many similar challenges. In my areas of expertise, I bring the best of "what works" from other industries to your group.

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How can we get extra value by engaging you?

Many groups that hire me to do a keynote presentation also have me do a breakout or spouse session at the same event. This gets you a big discount on the second presentation and saves you travel
and expenses. I will also help you design exciting convention openings and closings, even if you are on a bargain basement budget!

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Is your work guaranteed?

If you give me a group that is awake, sober and somewhat happy to be there, you will get a top-notch, effective presentation every time, or you'll get your money back. I will assist you in room set-up, timing and logistical parameters to optimize the presentation.

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What is your business background?

I'm the ultimate entrepreneur. Starting from scratch I owned five apartment buildings and a hotel BEFORE graduating from college. I have owned numerous businesses since 1977 including the second largest nightclub in the State of West Virginia along with a print shop, and video production company.
In 1986 a legislative action caused me a devastating business loss which wiped out my fortune. Within two years I founded a unique entertainment company that has received world-wide publicity.
Presently I am a full time professional speaker and seminar leader. I also own a commercial rental company, and a publishing company and I regularly kill myself giving great customer service to each and every one of my clients..

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Do you have a sports background?

I was an all-state football player and wrestler in high school and was one of seven to receive an award from the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame for top student athletes of 1973. I
received a full football scholarship to nationally ranked West Virginia University where I played first team starting guard for two years. What does this mean to you? It means that, when appropriate, I can inject sports stories that I have lived and most audiences enjoy.

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What can we expect from your demo materials?

First I'll tell you what you can't expect. You can't expect to see your exact presentation, since each one is unique. I am known for my deep levels of customization and have many references to prove it.
You can expect to see my style of speaking and examples of my mix of business information and entertainment. You will also see that I always interact with the audience which they really love.

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How do you handle expenses?

I use business or first class airfare. You'll never have to deal with meal charges, frills, or surprises!!

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What kind of humor do you use?

I use only clean, non-offensive humor. You will never be embarrassed. In fact, I have trained many professional speakers around the country on the use of appropriate humor. I have done humor training sessions at more than 3/4 of the chapters of the prestigious National Speakers Association and have presented this topic at two of their National Events.

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How do you handle banquet/luncheon settings?

I have extensive experience as a speaker and emcee at functions where food is part of the program. Special challenges exist in these
settings that must be addressed for a seamless and interesting program. You don't want your attendees saying, "WHEN WILL THIS BE OVER?" I will be happy to provide a tip sheet that will help you in designing a banquet or luncheon program. You may download this free of charge along with other articles of interest to meeting professionals or you can simply call, fax, or email to request a copy.

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Do you have any special services for disabled attendees?

I am FULLY AWARE of your concerns with regard to the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA). I am one of the few speakers in the country who, upon advance request, makes my handout material available in Braille. I  will provide additional support materials (audio and/or video tapes) to assist anyone with a disability in getting the most from my programs. I ADJUST my programs to accommodate hearing and sight impaired attendees. I also makes it a point to be aware of the location of any physically challenged members of the audience in case I must direct the audience during an emergency requiring evacuation of the room. I will get you COMPLIMENTS and PROTECT YOU FROM LAWSUITS when I am on the job.

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How do you handle the business details?

My staff and I will handle all the details of your event in a professional and timely manner. Every effort will be made to keep expenses to a bare minimum. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED for my meals while I am on the road. You will never have any alcohol or extravagant expenses of any kind charged to your master account. When possible, AIRFARE WILL BE PRORATED FAIRLY between clients. You will find we are always courteous and very accessible. NO PRIMA DONNA ATTITUDES are allowed in his organization . . . we are here to serve you and we won't ever forget it!
Please call when you are ready to plan your next great event.

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Do you really give us FREE books?

I sure do! You get 100 copies of my best selling book, Wake 'em Up Business Presentations with each engagement. These can be used as giveaways for the attendees, doorprizes, sign-up premiums, or even as the centerpiece at your banquet or luncheon. This will save you a fortune on "throwaway" flowers and will give each attendee a valuable business gift. If you want to buy more copies so everyone gets one, I give really large discounts for bulk purchases.

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What do you need from us?

As soon as you engage me, I will begin my pre-program research by interviewing you briefly by phone, and then sending you a questionnaire to complete and return. I will ask for back issues of
industry trade publications, newsletters, corporate reports, and a list of your group's "movers and shakers" to be interviewed.

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